Friday, August 14, 2009

Rush's 2112

(nope, not the next in my George Winston Series)

For anyone who didn't know, I was the senior who took on the student studio at my school this year. I had decided to produce a stage show based on the concept album "2112" by the band Rush. It ended up going really well, and ever since then its been odd ambition to do an animation based on it someday (like.. when i actually know how to animate).

Without really getting into the story of the album, I was discussing this idea with my dad and we talked about having the main character (simply known as "the man") being the only thing with a clear design and everything else (the foreboding "priests of the temples of syrinx" especially) to be much more.. i dunno.. out of focus i guess.

Here's just some drawings ive done lately while thinking about it.(Note: Brittany, the one above reminds me of you! XD)

(The only character i have no idea what i would do with is the oracle....)And in case you are interested and for some reason are still reading, here are some pics from the show, done back in the fall.

(Next: another George Winston pic)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

George Winston. Take 1

I wanted to do some kind of real art before I left for school. So I had an idea. My dad listened to a lot of George Winston (a piano player) in the car when i was a kid, and i've been listening to it a lot lately. So, I decided that im going to do a series off little pieces based on the songs from the his "Autumn" album (which is the one im most familiar with). So, here is the piece from the first song, "Colors/Dance"

It's in chalk pastel, which i havent used in a good long time. I'm not sure if i like it but, it's ok. I love flowy trees C:

Sunday, August 9, 2009


umm.. yeah this is for Brittany. She wanted me to leave it up. Kudos to anyone who knows the movie this is based on. I should draw Ed as someone or something in there later. Brittany thinks a Camel

Sunday, August 2, 2009

actual content?! no way!

Ouch, its been a while. But i plan to be a better blog once i get to school! i promise!!

Here's some sketchbook stuff!