Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Resolution...

is to update this once a week from no on! No lie!

Okay, so I've been up to a ton lately and its all keeping me really busy.

I've decided to try and make this more of a sketch blog than i have been, but we will see

I thought I would start off with some 2112 sketches.

These are some of the MANY sketches i did of the main character. Obviously, the kid who played him in the show doesn't look like this, but if there I ever did an animated 2112, he would look kind of like this. There are also a few preist sketches in there too.

These are some sketches of the "Red Star Army" concepts that didn't make it in to the show.

Yes, I watch Superjail. Don't judge me.

And here are some other general sketches. The Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf are from an animation Project I'm doing for IB art. There rest are from when i saw "Happy Days the Musical", hence the terrified sketch.

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