Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stoat and Loon epic sketchdump

My friend, Chelsea, and I have been working like fiends on a project i referenced I few entries ago. It's called "Stoat and Loon" and it's really not all that exciting. It's basically an idea we have been playing with since freshman year and we decided to do something with it over the summer. Chelsea is currently writing a super epic adventure for them to go on. It's basically completely non-sensical but totally awesome at the same time. Here be some sketches and quick character rundowns of the main 3 cast. Obviously, the designs have changed since my last Stoat and Loon post and D'Arthur's trademark hair swoosh has switched sides.

Stoat (The one with the sweater)- She's bffs with Loon and is basically the overall voice of reason in the series. She works at the public library and babysits. She also waits at the same bus stop as D'Arthur every morning. She is also buddies with Glen, the Library Ghost.

Loon (the duck lookin one)- He' s bffs with Stoat and is basically the overall voice of INSANITY in the series, most of his dialog makes little to no sense whatsoever. He works at Meaterson's with Okra the Okapi. Meaterson's makes their burgers out of Portuguese-man-of-war.

D'Arthur(The bat with the emo swoosh of hair)- His real name is Arthur, but he insists on being called Damien, cause the world is a bleak and dark place or something like that, but no one wanted to call him that. Thus, D'Arthur was born. He wears girl pants and has a very creepy, never ending, crush on Stoat. He also seems to always go on adventures with Stoat and Loon, despite the fact that he is like, 8, and probably has school or something. (Pssst... He's my favorite to draw)

Everyone else..eh I may explain them later. Watch throughout the summer for more S and L stuff.

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Chelsea said...

YES! Stoat and Loon! I looked it up in Google and this popped up lol