Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New blog post?! Gallery show!

Hey! It's been a while!

Last week was the awesome Character Animation Gallery show! It was really fun and it was great to see everyone's work!
(Picture taken by Jennifer Jeremich)

Silly me forgot to take a proper picture of my gallery space, but here's basically what it looked like, just on the floor of my dorm room.

I don't think I've posted most of these in the past so here's some clearer pictures!

These two seemed to be the most popular.
I got a lot of "whoa! Is that Frekazoid?!"
and everyone loves Little Shop of Horrors anyway!

Here's some more!

Now film semester is officially in gear so I will hopefully be posting art and animation from my film as it comes.

Bye for now!

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jasmin lai said...

soo awesome sam! I loved the third one (mermaid) and the 6th one (black silhouettes) :D