Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coast 2 Coast

We had an assignment in character design to re-imagine a Hannah- Barbera property. I couldn't help but do Space Ghost!

No Jace, but the overall idea is that Space Ghost is just a dude who lives in space and assumes he is a super hero. Ge forces his niece, Jan, to be his sidekick, to her embarrassment.

Zorak is the size of an actual mantis who has a personal vendetta against Space Ghost. Space Ghost doesn’t know he exits, Zorak tries to kill him in pretty silly ways. Like switching his sugar with artificial sweetner.

And Brak…. I wanted to make him pudgy hahha


brigette b said...

Ha ha ha! Stupid Space Ghost! I saw Coast to Coast before I ever saw a real episode of Space Ghost from the 60's, and when I finally did I was surprised that he had those sidekick kids. Kids AND a monkey. I was like "Where did those children come from?? Why isn't Space Ghost saying stupid things?" Good choice.

Brianne Drouhard said...

Oh man, this is so full of win!!!!