Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello to All!

Well, my first post in my first blog! My name is Sam (yeah I'm a girl), and this going to be my art/sketch blog. I'm in my junior year of high school and I'm hoping to make it as an animator someday.

I thought I would just introduce my art with some old sketches and a painting from over the summer!


amelia said...

Cute stuff!

Kyrie the Kid said...

Wow, you're very good!

I, myself dream of animating one day. It's good to know people still have an appreciation for art.

Have you made any animations yet? I'm curious to see more of your stuff.

cyellow30 said...

ur hellboy picture makes me laugh
not in a mean way

and im jealous of ur bumblebee

Kayte said...

You have had a blog since September of 2007 and I am just now finding out about it?????!!!! Some things are too good to keep a secret...this may be one of those things!

I am starting at the beginning...

Oh, and I like the way you can make sketches lift off the page with your pen/pencil/brush/whatever strokes...very nice and immediately engages the viewer. Viewers like to be engaged...LOL.