Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Volleyball Skeatches

Some experimental sketches from my sisters volleyball game

Unfortunatly, the chalk pastel in most of these is pretty faint, I may try and fix that later.

And my foot..with a huge ankle

Working on an actual animation, nothing more than a simple walk cycle but I'm working on it. I'll post it soon


Jared Price said...

Diggin' the sketches Sam! Definitely a good thing to practice and develop for any aspiring animator. My mentor this term was telling us about how he obsessively collects character model sheets just to analyze not only the character design, but the posing and silhouette appeal. Head over to animationmeat.com if you haven't already... they've got a bunch of model sheets from various productions. Can't wait to see the walk cycle you're working on!! Keep it coming!

Kayte said...

Love the foot...love how the shading develops the detail without actually over-developing the detail. You know what I mean, right? Very sophisticated and cool, Missy, very cool. You could sell something like this.