Sunday, February 21, 2010

Revisiting my Childhood

I watched a LOT of Invader Zim when I was a kid, though I kind of put it away for the last couple of years partially because of how weird the fanbase was and mostly because no one else where I was from really watched it. However, I just broke my dvds out for the first time in forever and I feel like the show is even better now that I'm older. It really is solid and very funny. So, I just wanted to do a little tribute painting to it. I like the way Dib looks.

Oh, and despite what anybody says, Skoodge was by far the best character in that series. Hoo-ah.

He was supposed to look a little dopier and tubby looking, but he just came out really cute. Oh well.


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R. A. King said...

Just don't leave the GPS in the dorm to make room for the cupcake