Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, work on my film "Squidboy Vs. Giant Robo Sushi Chef" is well under way. I've animated 8 of the 26 or so scenes so far and I'm happy to be started.

Here's the sculpture I made of Squidboy first semester. (Trivia: those are retro (aka from the 80s) Transformers bedsheets. They make me very happy.)
I don't really want to show y'all my animatic and give the whole thing away before its finished. But I'll tease you with a few storyboards and a test BG painting.

Enjoy! I may psot some animation once I get a scene or two composited

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taylorprice said...

Sam! Your work is looking AWESOME. You are doing so great :) Hope you are havin' a good time at Calarts!