Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I Wore Today

June 23

A.K.A What I Wore for My Hot Date with Neil Patrick Harris and Stephen Colbert.

Because I got to see a filmed version of Company at a local Arts Theatre today! It was really good! Gotta Love some Sondheim!!

This is a super quick sketch I did afterwords. Not sure what I was thinking with the gradient business.

And before I bid you adieu for this post! I realized I never mentioned where I got the idea to do the What I Wore Today exercise! That would be from miss Tiffany Ford and miss Sophie Diao!!

They are both incredible, so go check them out if you haven't already!!!!


puddle said...

I love both of these so much, I'm gunna be SICK!

Sophie Diao said...

awwww :D love you Sam! I wanna watch Company so bad!