Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2!

Well, I am all moved in to my dorm! Brittany and I are simply as cozy as a bug. ... yeah that doesn't make sense.

But here's some pictures of our dorm!
This is my sweet-bippy pillow case from my vintage Transformers sheets! This is our view! (we get a TON of sunlight in the mornings)

This is my desk, or at least how it was yesterday.

We even got an awesome sauce corkboard!
A privelege that I abuse, often.

Besides that, I've been through one day of moving in and one day of actual orient..tating?

It's been some pretty intense stuff. I've met a LOT of the other animators and they are all sooo cool. I actually just got back from a gathering where a bunch of us just sat in the lobby of the dorms and drew each other while people from other departments observed in awe (ok well, not really more like. "cool. people are drawing").

And while that was happening, a group of musicians just started a random beat that turned into a musical extravaganza outside. I love it here.

I'm ready to start classes!


Cuttlefish said...

Ohhh!! I'm so jealous!
Have tons of dun this year!! :D

Cuttlefish said...


Cat Bui said...

ITS ME!!! On the right ;D You got my back so well XD