Friday, September 25, 2009


Seriously, this school is all kinds of awesome.

I'm not really sure what to talk about first!

Well, I guess if any of you are interested in seeing some of the stuff i've been working on, I've begun posting assignments and figure drawings at my portfolio site -->

Next up, I started moving into my cube today (finally!) Katelyn and I painted the green walls yellow and situated the animation desks. I'm snug in the back corner and it's very cozy!

I actually was the first to put anything on our walls. It's a poster version of an older, but still very cool, Spiderman cover.

My wall is soon to be adorned with concept art from the movie "9", from the Art of 9 book I just got. There is some really beautiful stuff in there.

and THEN, we had one of the most AWESOME lectures tonight from Mark Andrews.

(Please ignore how fat I look in this picture)

His lecture, which was actually just him drawing storyboards for three hours, was SO entertaining and incredibly helpful. This guy has worked all over the business, from Live Action to Animation. Not to mention he is one of Brad Bird's right hand men, apparently, so he had a lot of tales from Ratatouille, Incredible, and The Iron Giant.

He taught us a lot about how to use effective angles and perspective to let the audience connect with the film. He spent the lecture story boarding a story that his daughter told him, turning it from academic to EPIC and explaining to us the best way to achieve that.

The most entertain portion of the night, for me, was when he singled me out. The first time was when i was whispering something to Brittany about how much he cussed, which was hilarious on its own, and he noticed and pointed us out and then looked at me and said, "oh, and I like 2112 too." lol he had heard me talking about it before the lecture started.

The second time was the best. As the night went on, I started sketching him working. He was just sitting there drawing and doing his lecture when all of a sudden he stopped and looked at me and said "ARE YOU SKETCHING ME?!?!?!"

I almost crapped my pants. But I had him sign the sketch I made of him yelling at me afterwards.

All and all, the lecture was great! I can't wait for the next one!

Later on, when I have more time, I think that I will post about my classes!


CK1tothemax said...

The colors of your cube are awesome. I like your Facebook pic too. I will be sending your transformers this week.

CK1tothemax said...

Dont wait too long to post again.

Kayte said...

You don't look fat! You look like one happy college girl enjoying I close? Fun to see your cube and fun to hear about the things you are doing. Of course he would single you out: YOU are SAM KING!!! Don't forget it! In the future, people will whisper and bow!

Juan In a Million said...

I'm loving the updates, Sam, and the your story's hilarious. I can't get the image of Mark Andrews yelling at you out of my head now. =P

R. A. King said...

When he calls you about doing a full length feature of 2112, remember who helped with the concept way back when (please) :-)
keep rockin' keep updating

Thomas said...

I'm so glad you are posting this stuff up! It's so much fun to hear and see what you're up to over at CalArts!!!! Looking forward to check out your drawings now!