Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3 Days....

Until CSSSA!

I'm in Stockton, California now and I'm driving to Valencia tomorrow.

I did get a mini Transformers haul today.

Here, we have Sunstreaker and Galvatron from the Robot Heroes line. I have to admit, some of the versus match ups this line has are pretty funny. Like Optimus Prime vs. Ravage.
Joining them is the amazing McDonald's kids meal Bumblebee. He's a beast.

I've also been reading the novel version Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I really glad I'll get to see that film before camp starts. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Dark Knight.

I'll leave you with some fun fanart sketches. Unfortunately, I have no scanner at the moment, so these are horrible photos from my phone.
Some Portal Sketches Hellboy sketches

I promise to update more during CSSSA


Sabatino said...

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Sabatino said...


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R. A. King said...

Glad to see you you are getting lots of sketching in while you are in Stockton. The phone photos are just fine, so keep posting stuff even if you can't always get to a scanner. Just set a time everyday or every other day to post to the blog. We will always want to hear what is going on and also will be a great permanent record (scrapbook) of you experience at CSSSA. I'm booking marking this site now.

Kayte said...

Amazing...and just from a cell phone camera...I can see now why you want to do have a talent and an eye for creating something that immediately grabs the attention and leaps off the page. I like your work...eager to see more of it. Thanks for sharing it!