Thursday, July 17, 2008

Puppet time

I was being a Tourist yesterday and took a picture of the sign.

I finished my flipbooks. Chelsea, this one's for you. The title card for my bug flipbook-

Well, thankfully stop motion lesson is over..but I'm pretty behind on my puppet. I spent all of the open lab basically discovering what didn't work. But know I have a better idea nad I will have to work on it in my spare time. Quick note though, I totally forgot to mention that one of my teachers that is doing the stop motion lesson actually works on Robot Chicken and Moral Orel! I thought that was so neat, because one of the things I was thinking about doing in the future was working for animated TV.

Other than that not much has been going on. There was a "mass exodus" (quote from Vince) of animation students to Michaels yesterday. I got new markers, some paint, papermache, and styrofoam (which I have discovered that I don't need.) I luv Michaels.

We had a Faculty Screening on Tuesday and it was AMAZING!! The first presenter was Zoe Moss, whose stuff was hilarious. Ever seen Pikachu pitted up against a Zombie from Resident Evil? (Zoe's youtube account is here-->

Then we watched the most mindblowing film from Jodi Mack! It was like 20 minutes to a half an hour and it was all cutouts from recycled magazines. Oh, and it was a MUSICAL that she wrote herself. I was totally blown away and inspired. Keep your eyes out for "Yard Work is Hard Work".

I've met even more cool people in my class. Brittany is, like, the ONLY person I have ever met that has also played Psyconauts. Thomas, from Norway, is the only person who listens to the Animation Podcast (His voice was even on it once!) and Spline doctors. Hanock is kind of out there, but pretty darn cool.

Well, that's basically it. Ta Ta for Now!


cyellow30 said...

YAY! i feel special that i was mentioned on ur blog lol
and u should have just brought ur sydney puppet with you and been like im done!

Kayte said...

Yep, I think we've lost ya...I think Indiana colleges can just say TTFN...sounds like "Californey is the place you wanna be...." (minus the Jed Clampitt reference of you even know who Jed Clampitt is? Might be way before your time even in reruns).

I love that you are enjoying all your peeps...such fun to hear about it and hear the excitement in your words and expressions. What an couldn't have happened to a nicer or more deserving person.

Keep posting...I'm all caught up!