Friday, July 11, 2008

College and Stars

Today, was busy, busy, busy.

First, I had my first official college visit at Loyola Marymount University (LMU).(We passed the offices for Electronic Arts on the way there)
It was a very nice campus and our tour guide was sweet. Though, he did not seem to always know what he was talking about. "In the Science program we have this really great thing. It..does something really cool's rare that a school would have such a thing."

Basically, a good school. I would probably have liked it even better if I was unsure of what school I wanted to go to.
As we were walking around the school, we kept noticing signs that said "Dexter" and we had no idea what they meant until we were on our way out. We then saw that an episode of the TV show "Dexter" was being filmed. My mom just about had a heart attack.

After the tour, we were starving. We found the nearest Denny's and went to town.

Then we, surprisngly, went to Warner Bros. and took the VIP tour.

We saw a TON, Including:
-The ER set
-A Cold Case episode in pre production.
-The Watertower. Too bad the Animaniacs weren't home.
An episode of "Pushing Daisies" being filmed. (We were feet away from KRISTEN CHENOWITH.)
-A lot of empty backlot sets
-The set of 2 and a Half men.
-And a very cool room with a ton of cars from different films.

Then we went to a special tour only museum that didn't allow cameras. There was some CRAZY stuff in there:

-Costumes from Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, the old Batman TV show. As well as many Harry Potter costumes on the All Harry Potter floor.
-An actual set piece and four original puppets from "The Corpse Bride"
-Props from Sweeney Todd. I kind of wanted to eat one of the pies.
-A model of the new Bat mobile.
-There was a lot of other stuff from older films I didn't recognize.
Upstairs was all Harry Potter
-I was sorted into Gryffindor by the sorting hat.
-The Goblet of Fire and the Triwizard Cup.
-A puppet of the giant spider (The name escapes me)
-A lot of costumes from "The Goblet of Fire". Interesting note, the female costumes were fitted to the, very skinny, mannequins. When we saw Hermoine's dress from the dance, we almost died, unsure of how anyone could fit in that. Then we found out that no one did.
- The Marauder's Map
and a lot of other stuff.

Then the tour was over and I got a Marvin the Martian key chain.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see Hellboy. The cinema near our hotel was only playing it in one theatre and it was Sold Out.
So, I went to McDonalds and got another Transformers toy. Ratchet this time. It seems that I keep getting the ones that focus on the vehicle mode, and don't really care about the robot mode at all.

I'll just have to deal with the Hellboy book until I get back from CSSSA.

Which, by the way, starts in mere hours.


Chris von Luckner said...

The second from above (this one) is very nice. It reminds me of New York City at the turn of the century resp. early 20th century.

Cheers, Chris.

Chris von Luckner said...

Oh my goodness, my comment belongs to the "WB Tour", sorry.

Stephanie said...

Omg Dexter. Thats soooo exciting!!!

Kayte said...

Matt will be so excited to hear about all these things you got to see and do in this post. Wow. He keeps asking me if I know where you get to go and what you get to see, etc. I will steer him here. He is swimming warmups at the meet in Bloomington at the moment. He can check it out when he gets back tonight. Fun, are going to remember this always!