Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, I finished my first official-non orientation- day.

We've done some really cool stuff in the last couple of days. We worked with Camera-less film by painting and scratching and gluing and drawing onto strips of film. That was really neat.
Yesterday we talked about Early Animation and now we are making Flip books. One has to be a "morph" (mine is a dog jumping and turning into a girl jumping into a pool), and the other has to be high contrast, with 70% needed to be black, and composition, like angles and such (Mine is about a super Bug. Apparently, his name is CB).

This project definitely opened the door to the horror stories I've been hearing about. Each flip book has to be at least 30 frames, which is a lot. I'll probably be staying up to finish my high contrast one tonight.

Other than that, we've been watching some really interesting stuff in the Bijou (the little theater on the 2 floor). We had a contemporary animation festival on Sunday night and I was able to find one of my favorites from that,Hedgehog in the Fog, on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRsXU4Q6a0Q
It's all cutouts and it's very cool.

Besides class I've been meeting/ hanging out with more people in my department. Last night before our open lab time, a couple of us walked down to a Sushi place to get something to eat. This came from that outing. I apologize for the fact that it's sideways and tiny, I took it on my phone.

The kids in the video are all from animation. It's kind of hard to say who all of them are from the video, but the table was set up like

Vince ----- Sophie

Chelsea --- Megan

Emily ----- Sammy-Jo

Suami ----- Me

Hopefully you can figure it out from that.

Well, that seems to be it for now. To anyone I know from Indy who is reading, I miss you all!

Final note, apparently I'm getting a copy of Batman: Gotham Knight. Whoo hoo!


cyellow30 said...

HEY! i saw ur mom at school today and she was like have been lookin on sam's blog? actually she said samantha but i was like no! i only looked once

so i looked just now!!! and i have to say i am impressed by ur ability to upload pictures and video (from ur phone!) onto ur computer cause i know for sure i could probably not do so

and im sad that u didnt get to see hellboy!! not that i went to see it or anything but i know that when i was in alaska i was sad that i didnt get to see harry potter when it came out!

and thanks for naming the bug CB lol

and when u get back you totally have to tell me EVERYTHING you did! it will probabaly take you like 2 days lol
no better idea! u could just like record urself saying everything and then burn a bunch of DVDs and when someone is like hey whatcha do? u can be like SHWING! and give them a DVD! yeah i know im so smart!

oh and ive been driven all over the place!!! so now u can be like hey wanna go do this? and i can be like heck yes cause i can drive! whoo!

uhhhhhh i think thats it
gonna go see batman on fri and sometime ill see wall e
cause i have a giftcard to the movies! oh yeah!

Kayte said...

I'm learning all sorts of new stuff from this blog...camera-less film, now how cool is that? I hope you have some show and tell samples available for perusal when you return to this year's reality. Which will be here before you know it. I would love to see what you did with that.

I also really want to see the dog/girl/pool thing. We are slightly prejudiced towards pool things dontchaknow. It sounds very interesting and fun. I am all about the interesting and fun, so bring that home with you if you can, okay?

It's going to be very difficult to just think of you as a high school girl this year after all these bits about you going to classes and doing this and that and the other campus life type stuff...STOP GROWING UP SO FAST...oh, okay...if you must....thanks for sharing it with us!