Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Day

Well, it has begun.

Yesterday was officially my first day at CSSSA/Innerspark.

I made sure to arrive early to registration because I knew it would get busy. After freaking out because I was at Calarts, I visited the animation dept. table and met the animation chair Lori. Then I paid for all my field trips and got in the photo ID line. My pictures not bad, if I do say so myself.

Then I got my key and went to my dorm. I's pretty basic, but nicer than I expected. One of my roommates, Natalie, was already there when I was "moving in". She's in Vis Arts. I met my other roommate later on, who is Jasmine, also in Animation.My Bed

View from my dorm

The I went to a final meal with my family at Chili's and went back to our hotel for a bit to rest. when I came back I met up with Taylor, who I had spoken to previously, and met more of the animation kids. We had a huge meeting with everyone from CSSSA and got the necessary talks. Though the main guy (of course, I can't remember his name) said some really good things. My favorite of the night was "The bad news is, there is no key to being a good artist. The good news is, there is no lock".

After that, We all went to the free concert, which was an awesome salsa band. During the first song, a bunch of kids went down by the stage to dance. Taylor and I finally got up the nerves to go down as well. Of course we go to the stage and realize that most of the kids who were dancing we Dance majors and we had no idea what we were doing. But it was still fun.

The we had a final little meeting and went to our dorms. I met up with a few of the animation kids and we watched the Pixar Shorts DVD and swapped sketchbooks. It's really nice to say something like "I love "insert animation reference" and for someone to enthusiastically agree.

Finally, we had our RA meetings (our RAs are awesome) and went to bed.

Today we have orientation for our specific fields, which should be awesome.

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Kayte said...

Well, this all sounds way too much like someone going off to college her first's a good thing you are having this little experience so that the parental units back home can get a little used to the mini-shock before the big wave next year. Love the view from the dorm...those trees are don't get those back here, do you?

I wish I could have seen you's good to embrace new things...well, the right sort of new things, of course, but this sounds right enough.

Love the quote re key/lock...I think you should enter that in your daybook or make a poster for your room or something. Nice.

Thanks for sharing...such fun for us to live vicariously from time to time.