Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok. I lied. We actually drove to Lompoc today, not Valencia.

We drove for about 5 or so hours and during that journey I experienced my first...

In-N-Out Burger. It was simply delicious.

Finally, we spent some time at my Great Grand Father's. I was actually surprised to find some very healthy trees in his backyard.

An Apple tree
A Tangerine tree
A Pear tree
A single-fruited orange tree


An Olalaberry bush! Quite delicious!

Then I suggested dinner. Of course the place wasn't actually open when we went. So, we took a little side trip to Solvang, a little Dutch tourist town about 2 minutes from the restaurant.

Finally, we ate at "Aj Spurs". I had salsa spilled on me and everything was way to big. But I got a free rootbear float at the end so it was good.

Today is also the last day in my Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena.

Tomorrow, I have a college visit at Loyola Marymount. That should be fun. If all goes well I will also being seeing Hellboy II.

CSSSA starts day after tomorrow!!

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Kayte said...

Great photos...such fun to see what you are seeing. I am so bad about wanting to see people's travel photos...everyone always goes "No, really WANT to see those?" Yes, yes, I do...I love travel photos!

My fav of course, is the one with you and the giant cute. Such fun.

Like the little statue of the bear with the fish...nice.

Must remember to get salsa spilled on me at AJ Spurs so I can get a free rootbeer float...good advice...LOL.

Oh, and not everyone has the wherewithall to use the words Loyola and Hellboy in the same paragraph, so Kudos on getting that accomplished...LOL.

Thanks for fun is this?